Car Battery Life: How to Keep Your Battery Healthy And Long-Lasting

Car Battery Life: How to Keep Your Battery Healthy And Long-Lasting

For a car driver, a flat battery can be the worst nightmare. Nothing can give you more headaches than this. When it comes to modern vehicles, there are a lot fewer signs shown prior. A high probability of it occurring is when you are on a deserted road or far away from home or a garage. That is when it is most likely to happen.

Therefore, it is very much needed to know how to keep your battery long-lasting to face minor problems. Before jumping onto the solutions, let us see what problems can occur if you have a weak battery.

Problems while having a weak or dying car battery

  1. Spontaneous and Random Illumination of Multiple Warning Light
  2. This is a leading sign of a weak battery. Your instrument cluster can light up anytime with multiple illuminations, and sometimes it can even fail to show a single illumination.

  3. Auto Start/Stop Failure
  4. This feature is present in almost every modern vehicle. It allows the engine to auto-stop when in traffic to save fuel. But it might fail to do so at some moments.

  5. Spontaneous alarm activation
  6. This fault is rare, but it can happen at any time, especially if your battery is dying.

  7. Broken plates
  8. Due to excessive corrosion and vibration, the plate of your battery can damage which can lead to severe problems.

    Tubeless tires: The tubeless tires are less in weight when compared to tube tires.

These were some of the problems a car owner can face in their lifetime. One important thing is that you should take care of your car battery from the beginning itself. Don’t wait for it to get damaged. Start as early as possible to see the best results. The more you start early, the more years will be added to your vehicle’s battery. Now enough with the problems, let’s look at some pro tips to help you take care of your car battery.

How can you improve its longevity daily?

If we talk about the average lifespan of a car battery, it is three to five years, depending on its quality. But the main reason we are discussing this topic is that many batteries start showing problems in the early stages. So to avoid this, you need to know some tips on maintaining it to get the best out of your battery.

Though there are many external factors such as harsh weather conditions which contribute to the car’s battery life, you can maintain it at your level.

It is possible to prevent your battery from going flat before time. Here are five simple tips to improve your battery’s life.

  1. Regularly test your battery voltage
  2. Testing the voltage regularly can save you from a spontaneous breakdown and battery failure on the road. You can get it tested at a garage by a professional mechanic. Also, if you want to try it at home, a handy tool is available to do so.

  3. Don’t leave your vehicle unused for an extended period
  4. Your vehicle will perform best if used regularly. Once you leave it for days, it will start showing some issues. So to avoid this, use your car regularly. The battery won’t have sufficient time to recharge if it is left unused for many days.

  5. Clean your battery regularly
  6. There are many times when the car battery starts showing problems due to corrosion or dirt in there. So to better avoid this, clean it regularly with the required tools. You can simply clean the outer surface using a sponge.

    You can ask your mechanic to clean them properly while servicing to clean terminals. Cleaning needs to be done once or twice a month.

  7. Don't use electronic accessories when your engine is off
  8. You need to get into the habit of checking on your vehicle accessories before exiting the car. Keeping your headlights on without turning on the engine can drain your battery quickly. This is because when the engine is off, electronic accessories drain power from your battery.

    Also, don’t forget to lock the dock while leaving. This ensures security and saves you from power drains without you knowing.

  9. Get your car serviced regularly
  10. To avoid a sudden breakdown, getting your vehicle tested regularly is highly advised. The proper servicing would make sure your car is fit and fine.

So these were some pro tips that you need to keep in mind from the very moment you buy a car. This would increase the lifespan of your battery. Happy driving with a healthy battery!!