How to Keep Your Car Battery in Top Condition?

How to Keep Your Car Battery in Top Condition?

When it comes to taking care of our cars the one thing that many owners pay special attention to is the car battery. It is something that can make or break the sustainability of your car and hence it is important to take care of it.

Your car battery could break down really easily and that could be a nightmare as a driver. Hence to avoid such kind of commotion, it is important that we step up and take the onus.

Taking care of the batteries from the initial days will help you to prevent breakage to a very extent. By ensuring the right maintenance at regular intervals, you do not have to go for car battery replacement every six months.

Best ways to take care of the batteries

Most of us buy car batteries and then forget that they need as much care as the entire car. Hence maintaining them is just the right way to go.

1.  Try to restrict the short spins

It is a known fact that the battery starts every time you start the car and it gets recharged during the trip. However, if you are going for small distances, you are not possibly giving it the time it requires.

Hence it is very important that you try to restrict these abrupt trips for the betterment of your own car batteries.

2.  Avoid letting the car sit idle for long hours

There are people who buy a car and then forget that it needs to be driven. Just like the human body, the car also needs to be active so that the battery runs. If you keep the car idle for long, chances are that the battery will run out of charge.

Try to take out your car for spins at regular intervals. If not possible, at least give it a start.

3.  Let the professionals do their job

More often than not, we do think that taking care of technical stuff is in our forte and we do not need professionals. However, that is not true.

Try to get an expert who will guide you on how well the car battery is working and if it needs a change at all. As amateurs, we often tend to make mistakes.

4.  Don't avoid the battery voltage

This is one of the clearest demarcations when it comes to checking the battery conditions. Use a voltmeter and it will help you to analyze the voltage conditions of your battery. 

The limit of 12.5 is the ultimate below which you would need to recharge your car battery at the earliest.

5.  Switch of the extras when not in need

The battery of your car also drains out when you listen to music or switch on the headlights. Hence whenever you are not using the car, it is better that you switch off these extras as well.

There are quite a few premium quality car batteries in Oman as well as in the western countries which are highly developed. However, maintaining them regularly is the best tip that will help you to increase longevity.