Practical Car Accessories: 6 Must-Have Car Accessories in 2022

Practical Car Accessories: 6 Must-Have Car Accessories in 2022

You love your car, right? For most people, a car may not be just a vehicle. So whether it's an old car or a new one, your car deserves the best care. And it is your responsibility to keep your car at its best performance and appearance.

To help you, we've created a list of must-have car accessories you should have in 2022 for a better driving experience.

Air Freshener

A car that smells good, feels good. Nobody wants to get into a car that smells funny. Moreover, a bad smell can make others question your own personal hygiene. Now you don't want that, do you? That's why air fresheners are at the top of our list of must-have car accessories.

The closed confines of a car can raise a bad smell after some time. Investing in a good air freshener can get rid of the unwanted odor and funky smell from car interiors.

Our popular Bubble Gum Air Freshener can instantly mask the stinky odor and spread it evenly in the interior to make your car smell sweet and fresh. 

Glass Cleaner

Good visibility is extremely essential for safe driving. A dirty windshield will make it difficult to see what's ahead clearly.

Although you can use water to clean the windshield, it will often leave stains behind.

Glass cleaners, on the other hand, will not leave any stains or residue behind them, giving a clean finish.

So folks, second on our list of must-have car accessories is the glass cleaner.

Crystal Glass Cleaner is a highly concentrated cleaner with a finely balanced blend of mild distilled solvents. This means, using our glass cleaner will get rid of those stubborn fingerprints or any kind of greasy films from the glass for a smear-free finish.

Leather Conditioner

The leather used in automotive is often durable enough to resist stains or fading from constant seating. However, to maintain the newer look, they require maintenance. Leather requires more than just simple cleaning. You will need to condition it for a supple surface from time to time.

That's why the leather conditioner is next on our must-have car accessories list.

Our Hide leather conditioner is based on lanolin and wax-based formula and performs two essential functions. First, it conditioned the leather by introducing critical oils, softening it, and restoring its original color.

Second, it acts as a protective barrier. The conditioner creates a breathable layer that keeps the leather drying out and prevents dye transfer on upholstery.

Bug and Grime Remover

Splattered insects and tar are hazards on the road. Although this may not cause harm to the driver, it will definitely harm the car's paint and overall appearance.

And if you have ever tried to remove those manually, you know how painful the process is. These stains are stubborn and, despite many efforts, would not go away.

Bugs, when left on the surface of a car for a long time, can cause irreversible damage to the paint. This is because the enzymes in bugs start breaking down and penetrating your car paint.

As soon as you notice bugs on your car exterior, use our mighty Citrus Bug and Grime Remover and save your car's paint and overall appearance from damage.

Wheel Cleaner

Wheels are certainly the dirtiest part of your car. Not only are wheels subjected to dust from the road, but the wheels are also at an inherent disadvantage due to cars' brakes. You see, everything you hit the stop pedal, your brake calipers squeeze the brake pads on the rotor to create friction and put the car to a halt.

So every time you brake, pads and rotors lose a skinny layer of material. This material turns to dark metallic dust that, combined with the heat of the car, bakes on the wheel's surface.

And If you have ever tried to clean a month's worth of dust and grime from wheel spikes, you just know how hard it is to remove them without damaging your wheel paint.

And that's why the next car accessory on your list should be a wheel cleaner.

With our Imperial wheel cleaner, you don't need to scrub anything. Just spray the wheel clean and let it foam. And then wash it off with clean cloth towels or our handy puck applicators.

Ceramic Shampoo

Recently applied a ceramic coating on your car? Then, ceramic shampoo should be on your must-have car accessories list.

Ceramic coating is essentially a hard surface applied on the car exterior to protect the surface from grime, bird droppings, dust, etc. But using regular car shampoos to clean your car can damage the coating.

Our Ceramics Shampoo is a concentrated blend of lubricants and pH-neutral surfactants specifically formulated to protect the ceramic coating during maintenance washing. The shampoo protects the surface, enhances shine, and adds a second layer of Si02 ceramic protection with every wash.

Wrapping Up:

So, there it is—the most important car accessories list. The above list is in no way an exhaustive list of must-have car accessories. But the list contains only the most essential car accessories.

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