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Customer Details are Private and Personal

Private and personal data provided by the customer to tyre-select.com are of the greatest importance to us and we give the highest priority to make sure it is well protected and confidential. Keeping this in mind we have designed the website in such a way that the customers do not need to provide personal information while browsing.

While making a purchase you may have to provide certain details such as name, address, vehicle plate number, vehicle make and model, email ID, mobile number etc. The details provided are highly confidential and we can assure that we will not sell, rent or trade information to any third party organization. The reason for collecting customer information is for placing orders, for customizing and updating our website suitable to your preferences, to send product updates and offers and other information beneficial to the customers. Our customers who do not wish to receive further information from tyre-select.com can easily unsubscribe from the email or you can email to us that you do not wish to receive any further communication.

All debit/credit cards details and personal information will NOT be stored, sold, shared, rented to any third parties.

There may be some advertisements you see in our website that are provided by third parties such as advertisers, advertising agencies, ad networks etc. These third parties collect information about your online activities with the help of cookies, web beacons etc. This helps to provide ads that are most related to your interests. Our privacy policy does not cover the information practices of these third parties. Please note that we do not have any access to the information collected by the third parties.

Online Orders

While making purchases on our website using your debit/card card you will be redirected to secure and credible third party payment getaway to process the transactions. We do not store debit and credit card details of our customers. Personal and transactional data will be shared to reputable third party only in case of any malicious activity in our site or third party getaway for fraud detection and protection purposes. We have an agreement with such firms not to share personal data for any other purposes

We use highly advance encryption technology to scramble the numbers and letters of the personal information entered so that it is impossible to steal or hack. Also, for increased security we do not allow you to store debit/credit card from each session. We at tyre-select.com use the very best SSL / payment processing getaway to make sure card details and personal information are well protected


tyre-select.com uses a feature of your browser to set a cookie on your device like most websites. Solely based on cookies we will not get you personal information and will only know who you are only if you chose to share it with us. Cookies helps us to keep track of your transaction by giving information of what functions you perform while browsing on the site. A cookie helps us note traffic patterns in order to improve our website functionality. Your browser will give you an option to allow or reject cookies, please note that rejecting cookies might hinder your ability to use all the benefits our website offers.

Use of Social Media Plug-ins

Our website uses Social media “plug-in” provided by well known social media network such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ etc. These plug-in can be identified by their respective logos on our website. When a user visits a website which has social media plug in, the plug in establishes a direct connection with your social media and receives browser information. Due to this internet address of the site you have visited is transferred to social media platforms such as facebook, twitter servers. This happens even in cases where the user isn’t logged into his/her social media accounts as well as when the user does not have any social media accounts.

In cases where the user is logged into social media account such as Facebook while browsing tyre-select.com and takes any action for example “comments” or “likes” the related information is transmitted and stored from your browser to Facebook. It also can be visible to your Facebook friends. Please read the privacy policy of respective social media platforms to understand their scope of data collection and how it is utilized. Our customers have an option to create an account on our website by using sign in services such as Facebook. This will make it easier for the user to pre-populate our sign up form by sharing certain personal information and will help to authenticate your identity.


tyre-select.com offers a chat function apart from email and phone to assist you with any enquiries. In case of the chat feature being disabled, we will be collecting your name, mobile number and email ID so that we can respond to your enquiry at the earliest.


Our terms and conditions / Policy are updated and changed from time to time at the dole discretion of tyre-select.com. Hence our customers are encouraged to visit respective sections regularly to get the updated details. All modifications are effective from the day they posted on the website.

Please get in touch with us for any further questions, suggestions and comments.